Who we are

About us

We warmly welcome you to Gato Tattoo Piercing Studio in the beautiful city of Hannover!
We offer you our experience and knowledge in the world of tattoos and piercing.
We are people who love our work and who put our heart and dedication in every moment of this project.
Our goal is to create a unique environment in which you can feel at home from the first moment, but also as part of our family.

What do we do

Our services


We will design your tattoo together with you and we will advise you to find elements that make it unique. We offer a variety of tattoo styles. Including: Old school, Neotraditional, Japanese, Blackwork, Watercolor, Realism, Dotwork, Geometric, Cover-ups, etc. When your tattoo is ready, we follow its development. We will also give you the necessary recommendations so that it heals perfectly and looks exactly as you dreamed.


We have the anatomical knowledge necessary to perform piercings with the highest quality standards. We perform a wide variety of facial, body and genital piercings. Including: Nostril, Surface, Medusa, Helix, Daith, Industrial, Eskimo, Madonna, Dermal Anchors, etc. The initial decoration of your piercing is made with a jewel made of titanium. When your piercing has healed, we also have a wide range of very exclusive and high quality jewelry for you, if you want to change your piercing.

Tattoo artist

Juan Pablo Rojas Gutierrez

My name is Juan Pablo Rojas Gutiérrez, a tattoo artist for about 10 years, I made my first tattoos when I was only 14 years old. I have learned a lot in recent years and I have surpassed myself. I realized that it is very important to learn from other tattoo artists and of course never stop practicing. I do not have a set tattoo style because I have mastered various techniques and mix many different styles in my work. You never stop learning in this profession, that's why I regularly attend seminars and courses. My last success was my degree as a professional piercer. Now I am starting this great project called Gato Tattoo Piercing Studio, where I put my talent, knowledge and effort at the disposal of my clientele.